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5 Alternative and Unique Home Decor Ideas

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Home, as they say, is where the heart is, and if your heart currently is not in the house or apartment that you live in, you may wish to do something about this. We all want our homes to look as presentable and stylish as possible, but the thing to remember with home decor, is the fact that it is very subjective. You see, some people may prefer a minimalistic approach to their bedroom decor, whereas others may look to go with more of a rustic approach. We can find decorating ideas from all kinds of different sources, and inspiration can come at us from virtually anywhere, at any time. If however, you have a taste for the slightly more unique and unusual and wish to look into the possibility of decorating your home in a less traditional manner, whether it’s living room decor ideas you seek, apartment decorating ideas, or inspiration for decorating your kid’s room, here are five alternative and unique home decorating ideas that you may never have previously considered.


Make use of an empty fireplace

Whilst a fireplace with a working fire or stove can serve as a focal point for your living room, or dining room, not all fireplaces have working fires, in fact, some of them have had the fires/stoves removed altogether. If you have an out-of-commission fireplace in your home however, rather than leaving it empty to collect dust, why not make use of old books, or painted wooden logs. By stacking painted wooden logs in the place of the old fireplace, you add a whole new element to the design of your living room. The same applies with old books, although try stacking them in different directions, and in different sizes, to create an unusual pattern in your old fireplace. With the wooden logs, you can actually paint them to compliment the decor of your living room, making this one of the most unusual yet bold living room decor ideas you could wish for.


Use framed posters on your walls

When we imagine posters, we imagine crumpled up posters hanging in a college dorm somewhere, or in a teenager’s bedroom. If you choose the right poster art however, and if you take the time to get your poster art framed, your posters will look like highly expensive pieces of art, and they will transform the decor of any room. If you’re going for a wildlife themed bedroom for your kids, for example, owl decor posters and other animal framed posters will work incredibly well. In reality, you can have posters in whichever styles and designs you like, and by adding a nice-looking frame to them, they instantly look more attractive and luxurious.


Plan your colour scheme

If you’re re-decorating your home, you need to carefully take the time to meticulously plan out your colour scheme so as to ensure that everything gels and flows effortlessly. If you’re looking to decorate room furnishings, make sure you choose colours that compliment your primary colour schemes. The colours you choose are up to you, but ideally you will want to go with light colours to add brightness and warmth to your home.


Mix and match lamps and bulbs

If you’re really looking to create a focal point in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else, why not mix and match lamps and bulbs and place them all within close proximity to one another. This is very unusual, but if done right, it can really work a treat. If you imagine a tall lamp with a red bulb fitted, along with a shorter lamp with a green bulb, and different shaped lamp with a yellow or blue bulb, in the darkness, the effect will look absolutely stunning. Just make sure you switch them off when you’re not in the room, otherwise you may be in for a shock when your electricity bill comes through the door.


Paint visible pipes and fittings neon

Homes require pipes and fittings for all kinds of reasons, as we have water pipes, pipes for the heating, drainable pipes, and much more besides. Most people simply choose to have these pipes boxed in, or to perhaps paint them the same colour as the wall, but for a very unique look, why not paint them neon colours instead? If you imagine your kids room decor, as primarily cream, with bright pink, green, and orange water pipes running to and from the radiators, you instantly have an eye-catching design, that is not too bright or overwhelming.

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